"I had a very long back labor, and Beth was wonderful throughout the whole experience.  She helped to calm my fears and from doing so, ease the pain. Just having her there to walk us through everything that was so new, and to truly support us, was a huge blessing!  I ended up with an emergency C-section due to the positioning of the baby, but I wouldn't have changed my amazing doula experience for the world and I am convinced that the long labor wouldn't have been as natural as it was without the special support I received.  In addition, Beth was great about encouraging my decision to breastfeed, when those first couple of days, my baby had a hard time latching on. As it turned out, I ended up breastfeeding him for a long time, until he weened on his own as a toddler and I am just so grateful to have had that kind of support early on.  I recommend Beth to any mom who wants a positive and supportive birthing experience and beyond!" 

Gina K.

"I would highly recommend Beth. Beth was a fantastic Doula, attending to all of my concerns, fears and needs before, during and after the birth of my beautiful baby boy. Beth explained details clearly, provided options when necessary, was respectful of my wishes and kept my Birth Plan in mind during the birth of my child. If I become pregnant again, I would utilize Beth. Beth truly made my birthing experience a positive one. Thanks, Beth!" 

Cheryl A 

“Beth allowed me to work through the pain of labor to accomplish my goal of a medication-free delivery. She helped my husband and I deal with the stress of a 5 week premature birth, accompanied us to visit our boy in the NBICU and made sure I understood how to pump and prepare for caring for my boy before he was well enough to nurse. She came to our home several times to make sure we were all adjusting nicely once out of hospital. I can't recommend Beth enough and am so happy to have hired her for our second child's birth!” 

Jessica G 

“Imagine being called in last minute and not knowing your client at all until they were in the hospital ready to give birth. Beth was called in last minute to substitute for another doula that was hired but hadn't shown up for the delivery. Beth coached me through one of the most difficult times and childbirths I could have ever imagined expertly and calmly. I will never forget her for the kindness, personal care and follow through she provided.

Lisa M. 

“Beth has been an amazing birth doula. she is extremely knowledgeable and informative as well as caring and warm. she is an amazing resource as well as a superb partner during pregnancy and birth. she knows the balance so that the spouse is still an integral part of the birth but works with the symptoms of labor and can adapt at a moments notice. she is a wonderful person and person to work with. I will always chose Beth to deliver my children with me. I highly recommend her and would be proud to have her by my side time and time again!”

Michelle L.


“From the minute Beth arrived at my home during my labor until my son was finally delivered 12 grueling hours later by an emergency C-section, I felt relieved to have such an expert who provided so much comfort at my side. I hired Beth because I wanted an experienced doula to facilitate a natural labor and delivery. Specifically, Beth exudes compassion, confidence and caring. With Beth's assistance, I managed to make it to 9.5cm dilated until my labor stalled (cord wrapped twice around the baby). While labor was extremely painful, Beth's guidance gave me the focal point I needed to make it through each contraction. I trusted her above and beyond any medical professional at the hospital and can unequivocally say that I would not have been able to make it so far without her encouragement and suggestions. That trust allowed me to focus only on her voice and remain immune to all of the other chaos and action in the delivery room. After my C-section, I was initially disappointed that I didn't have a natural delivery, but Beth spent a lot of time counseling me on why it was the only option and making sure that emotionally I was satisfied with my delivery.  Moreover, because Beth was able to guide me through the contractions, my husband was able to be my cheerleader and didn't have to try to figure out how to ease my discomfort. I can't imagine my son's birth story without Beth playing such an integral role, and would highly recommend her.”

 Angelique C


  "I have to tell you that my birth experience was absolutely beautiful, and you were a big part of that.  Also – I was so stressed about getting breastfeeding “right” with Kelsey, and you completely put my mind at rest.  I’m happy (and proud!) to say that we breastfed for 19 months, when she happily weaned herself.  I had a wonderful experience breastfeeding her, and I now understand what woman mean when they say how much they enjoyed it.  Breastfeeding is truly a special bond it is between a mother and a child.  Your support and advice gave me the confidence in myself, and that is why I was able to truly enjoy the experience.  Thank you again."

Barbra H

“Beth provided me with comfort, guidance, and her experience every step - from early pregnancy through labor and delivery. She was a constant, reassuring presence for me and my husband. We are so grateful to Beth for her incredible support and we are excited to engage her again as we prepare for our second child. Beth is kind, caring, resourceful, and responsive. I highly recommend her!”

  Ilana G