"Before meeting with Beth, I felt tired and overwhelmed. I wanted to nurse my baby but he wouldn’t latch due to a tongue and lip tie. Pumping every two hours and cleaning bottles constantly became life. I stopped feeling connected to my baby and I started feeling really stressed and sad. Beth was able to renew my feeling of connection with my baby by helping me find better positions for nursing. We are exclusively nursing now and it’s the best and most rewarding feeling in the world." Kristie K
“Working with Beth was a huge sigh of relief for me. My baby and I had some difficulties with breastfeeding and she sat with us and my husband and made us feel so welcome. As a black woman with a newborn baby I was super skeptical about seeing a specialist who didn’t look like me. In fear of being mistreated and not handling the mistreatment well due to all of the hormones raging at that time. There was no sense of discomfort with her. She was personable, warm, professional, nonjudgmental, and so informative. I had multiple questions after we met and she answered every one of them with timeliness. She even helped my husband to feel more confident about his parenting abilities. We are so grateful for our time with her and would recommend her to every mom.”  Sade 
"An answered prayer!!! I experienced the worst depression due to the poor education I received following the birth of my baby. I'm a first time mom and small. Surprisingly, I gave birth to an 11pound baby!!! With a healthy big baby my plans did not change with breast feeding as my first choice of norshiment. Little did I know that my journey to milk production would be slow after a c section. I fell into a deep depression because I felt like I failed my baby because medically I am able to breast feed. It was my choice and my husband was in agreement . We had to run to the store for an emergency supply of formula . The depression got worse. I called my insurance and I found Beth! She returned my call and I was setup for services immediately . She encouraged me and gave me resources and a care plan that is tailored to my health and baby. I experienced immediate results after the intake and my baby is so happy. Happy baby , happy Mommy, happy dad. Thank you Beth for your service ,care, and compassion. Heaven sent. "  Mireille
"Beth was excellent to work with. Not only was she super knowledgeable, but also compassionate to my belief systems, even when they may have differed from her own. She helped us devise a care plan for feeding my child that worked for us, and I appreciated that. And her adaptation to digital practices was great -- I was able to send a video of my child crying, and she was able to go frame by frame and circle things, so I knew what I was looking for. I walked away with information and tips I didn't even expect to get or have any idea about, and with an experience far superior to what I expected. A great IBCLC for anyone anywhere in the country!" Samantha S.
"Beth’s lactation service is by far the best I’ve experienced. I’ve gone through 3 other LC’s before meeting her. None of them are as experienced as she is. She provided the technical and emotional support that I needed at a time when I felt lost. She really listened and helped every way she could. I can’t thank her enough for the guidance and what she taught. What she provides is more than just breastfeeding support. She covers it all from pumping, tummy time, motor skill development, and much more.   Thank you Beth for being there for me!"  Nancy L.
"Beth was so helpful the week after my daughter was born. She had quick response time and was able to schedule with me right away. Her visit was thorough and she used her expertise to create a care plan for my daughter. All the information she provided has been very effective and I would recommend her to others!" Eliza 
"You were amazing when we needed someone to help, when I needed to cry, when my babies didn’t latch (x2 kids!) You gave me a hug, water, the confidence, reassurance and skill to keep going. 2.5 year breastfeeding journey with my first baby and 6 months so far with the second. Thank you so so much for all of it!"  Melani
"Beth - We made it to a year! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support. You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and I don't know if I would have been able to stick with it if it hadn't been for you and group. You are amazing and a woman I truly admire. I hope to stop by group one of these Thursdays to give you a great big hug!  All my best, Jen"
"So thankful for Beth and all of her support in our breastfeeding journey. She was so kind and informative which made our experience working with her so worth it!"  Marilyn
"Beth came to our home after our daughter was released from the NICU and we were overwhelmed adjusting to home life. She was extremely kind and listened to all of our concerns - she helped us create a plan that worked for our family and allowed us to be better versions of ourselves during a difficult time. She didn’t just give us cookie cutter responses but she really listened and helped. I would strongly recommend Beth to help with lactation and the overall transition of bringing a new baby home!" Allison C
"Beth has provided me with the exact type of support I needed along the way of my breastfeeding journey. She is compassionate, understanding and positive. I feel like she really listened to my issues and offered helpful solutions. She also provided me with alternatives and always reminded me that this is my journey and it is important for me to do it my way. She was never pushy or condescending and always made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her services without hesitation."  Denise 
"I can't thank you enough for our appointment today. You were amazing and just what I needed. Thank you for being so reassuring and given me more confidence with breastfeeding. I feel calmer than I have in a while. Our visit today was so helpful and gave me some really good tools that I already started to use. I'm actually Able to relax and have fun with my baby and my daughter. I know there could be more bumps in the road ahead, but you really gave me hope. If it wasn't for you being able to see me today, I don't know how I would've gotten through the day. Thank you so so much. I will be making another appointment soon"     Nicole 
"Beth, How can we thank you enough for your unending support, love, patience, knowledge and dedication? We can’t! You are a beautiful person and we know you went above and beyond for us. For that we are eternally grateful. Enjoy this small token of our appreciation. xoxox HUGS!"    Lauren & Lillian
Beth was amazing! She explained breast feeding in terms that were easy to follow. She helped with my Daugther latching on and a comfortable position for both my daughter and me. She answered all my questions I had and showed compassion for all that we went through during labor. She understood we have to do what fits best for our family. Beth followed through with a very detailed care plan and gave numerous of resources we had talked about during the visit. Beth also followed up with me with 2 days to see how things were going for us. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a lactation consultant. Ana L.
"Beth is a wonderful lactation consultant. She is extremely knowledgable and passionate about her work. Beth's holistic approach made a huge difference in my breastfeeding journey. Not only was her treatment plan thorough and effective, she was responsive to all my questions and took the time to explain the reasoning behind things. I would highly recommend Beth to all breastfeeding moms!" Hilla
"I’m happy (and proud!) to say that we breastfed for 19 months, when she happily weaned herself.  I had a wonderful experience breastfeeding her, and I now understand what woman mean when they say how much they enjoyed it.  Breastfeeding is truly a special bond it is between a mother and a child.  Your support and advice gave me the confidence in myself, and that is why I was able to truly enjoy the experience.  Thank you again."  Barbra
"I have now officially been breastfeeding for a full year!! I can't believe it!! I think the thing that has shocked me the most in the past year is how strongly I would feel about breastfeeding... In an emotional way bonding with my son, and in a "political" way, feeling the need to educate everyone I know about the benefits and just pure wonderfulness of breastfeeding!! I also never could have imagined how strongly my husband would feel about breastfeeding! He was only breastfed for 3 months, so I never expected him to be so involved or feel so strongly about my son's extended breastfeeding. I plan on continuing to breastfeed my son until he decides to wean himself." Shelley  
I’ve used Beth to help with lactation challenges for both of my babies. She listens to the challenges and designs a plan that is effective. I highly recommend Beth for lactation services." Michelle 
"Support is CRITICAL for breastfeeding continuation in so many moms! We have a ways to go but are getting better in the U.S.! For me personally, referral to a support group at Middlesex Hospital and Beth Brownstein IBCLC are what held my sanity together during one of the toughest transitions of my life-- so many moms never get this, which is terrible when it can change their breastfeeding outcomes!"  Carrie-Ellen 

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